Commercial Transactions

Dedication. Principled Advocacy. Experience.

Tiber Hudson attorneys have extensive, industry-wide commercial finance experience and have assisted numerous clients in navigating complex commercial transactions. We have provided clients with asset and investment management services and support. Our attorneys add value to our clients’ legal and business needs by identifying areas of potential corporate growth and development that can help our clients capitalize on opportunities in a dynamic and expanding market.

The Firm has been involved in a variety of real property transactions and has assisted clients in minimizing financial outlays while identifying emerging possibilities for real estate acquisition and real property development. Tiber Hudson attorneys also negotiate on our clients’ behalf with municipalities, seeking areas where our clients can reduce project costs while taking advantage of local business incentives.

Our commercial finance and real estate work have included:

  • Acquisition, construction, permanent, short-term, fixed rate, variable rate, and development financing;
  • Condominium conversion and development;
  • Corporate structuring, operations, and corporate control;
  • Construction projects including but not limited to zoning and land use issues;
  • Corporate taxation, compliance, and regulation; and
  • Litigation related to all of the above as well as commercial transactions generally